Signing up for a Moto & Ink Sponsorship is easy, though every we have a limited number of sponsorship openings avialable.  Simply provide a few basic details about yourself that will allow you to be eligible for programs nationwide. Moto & Ink is free to join and you can seek guidance and build your resume for your future starting today. Before you can accept your first sponsorship contract, we do  that you make a purchase with us to show your commitment. If accepted this will entitle you to discounts on merchandise, supplies, receive support funds, and additional promo codes from our group sponsors as well. We do not lock you into a tough contract and encourage you to seek additional support when available.


      Once you have been offered a sponsorship, you will be sent a sponsorship contract that outlines your discount level, ordering instructions, and our expectations. We evaluate you discount level on your level of skill, your sportsmanship, and involvement in the group. You decide which program level you want to take and then you agree to the contract.

Its that simple.

     Think of us as a stepping stone for your future career. We are here to help you learn and keep things FUN for you.

It's never been easier to get sponsored and you can continue to grow and make new connections every day!

       Good Luck,

             Moto & Ink Team



To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.